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About District S (ERP Server)

Hiya!~ This is a message from Alexandrea, the creator of this wonderful server!~ We’re a work in progress community with a work in progress Ad!~ So please bear with me! Currently this server is small, but with your help, we can manage to make it grow and thrive!~

Looking to have some fun RP? Would you like said RP to be able to take a few lewd turns?~ Does the idea of a Modern Fantasy setting where anything can happen sound appealing to you? Then District S (ERP Server) is the place for you!~ While we primarily deal in ERP, other forms of RP are fully accepted!~
● We’re a friendly community with little limits on what kind of things you are allowed to include in your ERPs, and don’t worry! Because even if your “likes” aren’t allowed in our community, you can always ask for an ad in our request channels and take it to DMs! Just please make sure to put any of the less than well received kinks you’d like to include inside spoiler text, two