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About isle of the gifted

a very long time ago, when magical powers were first discovered, the gifted would be hunted down and used for experiments. until the isle opened up as a shelter for the gifted. over time, the isle evolved to become a school for only those gifted with a supernatural ability. the founder of the isle wanted to keep it like that. but many years went by and the founder passed away of old age, his daughter, who wasn't gifted at all, gained control over the isle. she wanted to make the isle a place for the elite, those who were incredibly talented. by that time, the supernatural wasn't as rare, so making a place for both the natural and supernatural wasn't that big of a problem. the young woman changed the isle to fit her ideals. the isle became a collection of schools for the gifted, and natural to all be together and improve their strong sides.

the isle remains the same up to this day, and they're planning to keep it that way. what are you going to do during your stay?