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About r/googletranslate

Welcome to the Unofficial r/googletranslate Discord server!

This server is an unofficial Discord server based off the Reddit thread known as r/googletranslate which is dedicated to Google's most bizarre responses. This server, like many others, has a defined set of rules that will allow members from said thread to remain here without causing any problems. These are as follows:
1. Don't spam outside of #spam.
2. Swearing, just like advertising, is allowed as long as it's not excessive. Cultural advertising, such as religion, is not permitted due to it being likely to be controversial and / or offensive.
3. Harassment is not allowed under circumstances. This includes both to yourself and at other people.
4. Don't ping other people without a good reason.
5. Don't post any graphic and / or explicit content outside of #nsfw. Not following this rule can result in the individual getting kicked.
6. Try not making too much noise in the voice channels.