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Eqnax: Mark 2 [RP]
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Eqnax: Mark 2.
'The Harbingers foretold of an arcane world
with World Tearing secrets, even common
concepts and beasts could have only been
thought up by Clandestine Gods.'
At face value Eqnax is another Medieval-Fantasy
Roleplay server, it is:
Great for customisation,
Has beautifully done systems such as the
Questing and statistics systems,
Many interesting races, classes, Nations and
occupations to choose from,
The option for freeform and dice,
Extremely in-depth and thought out lore,
Dedicated and helpful staff and GMs,
Great world building (including a bestiary),
Roleplay events,
A great place to socialise,
Player-made Quests AND
The option for player-made lodging channels.