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๐™โ€‹ฬณ๐™โ€‹ฬณ๐™šโ€‹ฬณ โ€‹ฬณ๐™ˆโ€‹ฬณ๐™ฎโ€‹ฬณ๐™จโ€‹ฬณ๐™ฉโ€‹ฬณ๐™žโ€‹ฬณ๐™˜โ€‹ฬณ๐™–โ€‹ฬณ๐™กโ€‹ฬณ โ€‹ฬณ๐™‡โ€‹ฬณ๐™–โ€‹ฬณ๐™ฃโ€‹ฬณ๐™™โ€‹ฬณ๐™จโ€‹
The Mystical Lands is a D&D-inspired roleplay server with a highly developed game world, character creation system, story, and magic system.
- 128 spells that your character can learn, and counting
- Several magic types to learn
- A unique magic system in development that will allow for near-infinite spell combinations once completed
โ€‹ฬณ๐™ฒโ€‹ฬณ๐š‘โ€‹ฬณ๐šŠโ€‹ฬณ๐š›โ€‹ฬณ๐šŠโ€‹ฬณ๐šŒโ€‹ฬณ๐šโ€‹ฬณ๐šŽโ€‹ฬณ๐š›โ€‹ฬณ โ€‹ฬณ๐™ฒโ€‹ฬณ๐š›โ€‹ฬณ๐šŽโ€‹ฬณ๐šŠโ€‹ฬณ๐šโ€‹ฬณ๐š’โ€‹ฬณ๐š˜โ€‹ฬณ๐š—โ€‹ฬณ
- 8 races, 6 classes, and 21 subclasses to choose from (and a few hidden ones as well)
- A flexible character creation system that can take less than 5 minutes or more than 1 hour depending on your preference
- A completely custom ability
- All the normal roleplay gam