Demon Slayer: Broken Land
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About Demon Slayer: Broken Land

Disaster has fallen upon the Land of the Rising Sun! The capital city of Tokyo has fallen to the foul demons and their master, effectively decapitating the government. He who has proclaimed himself as the demon emperor, and his 12 Moons, now rule Tokyo and the surrounding areas with an iron fist. The Demon Slayer Corps now has a new burden to carry, not only to eliminate demons but to also recover the large city in Japan from the demons. The once secret war between demons and Demon Slayers is now known throughout the entire nation. This is where YOU come in. Will you join the side of the demons and help the so-called emperor conquer the rest of Japan? Or will you join the Demon Slayer Corps and help the Hashira purge the land of the foul beasts and help reunify Japan? The. Choice. Is. Yours!