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About The Realm of Tamriel

The Realm Of Tamriel

- A Serious role playing Discord for The Elder Scrolls Universe.
- Open world role play, with multiple channels all across Tamriel.
- Welcoming to both experienced, and also newer role players.
- Focused on detailed Posts, typically multiple paragraphs long.
- A Growing community of role players, writers, lore experts, artists.
- Lore friendly style role plays, with a focus on realistic characters.
- Currently looking for more role players, as well as potential staff.
- Also welcoming to Elder Scrolls fans in general, for game discussions.
- We have a friendly staff, willing to answer questions, and help you out.

Feel free to jump into our Discord, we are currently hosting a role play set during The Great War, but you are free to tell your characters own story, interact with other characters, and also various NPC’s across all of Tamriel.