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About Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Fair Play Server

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare fair play Community

Hey everyone! Does the state of the game disappoint you ? Do you hate those 725 camping bastards? Do you enjoy competitive play? Do you want to play with other players who share the same values as you?

Welcome to the Fair Play Community

Who are we?
We are a group of like minded players who currently dont like the state of the multiplayer matches we are being put into, we play by pro scene rules to encourage fair play. Most of our games will take place in custom game lobbys in order to preserve rules but we encourage everyone to to play fair custom game or public

We play all modes and have LFG sections in our discord in order for you to find other players playing the modes you would like.

We even have LFG sections for previous Call of Duty games!

We also have a Dedicated LFG Bot to automate the process of looking for other people to play with!