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About Cult of Huell

Hey everyone!

Are you a fan of Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, The Sopranos, Fargo, or Dexter looking for a reasonably good time? Join the Cult of Huell, all's I'm sayin'!

Cult of Huell is a small Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, The Sopranos, Fargo, and Dexter server with a focus one everyone's favorite bodyguard: Huell Babineaux. It's a chill place to discuss our favorite shows or whatever's on our minds. Our rules are lax and we don't take anything too seriously (except for spoilers of course), which makes the Cult a great place to hang out and have a good time with other fans of the shows. You don't have to be a fan of all of the shows to join us, so long as you're a fan of Huell!

A few notable things that we have:
- Show discussion channels
- A 40-day long Better Call Saul rewatch starting on December 30th
- Off topic and memes channels
- A Minecraft server

Come join the cult for a reasonably good time!