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About Reapers Gaming Den

~ Runescape
~ League of Legends
~ Fortnite
~ PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
~ Counter-Strike Global Offensive
~ World of Warcraft
~ Overwatch
~ Rocket League
~ Warframe

➣ Stay up to date with the latest patch notes for each game right here!
​​​​​​➣ Meet up and game with players from all over the world!
​​​​​​➢ Self-assign roles to tell players what games you're interested in. Roles for any social needs. And special roles for streamers!
➣ Random giveaways! Runescape GP (rs3 and 07), Steam cards, league cards and more!
➢ Special roles given to community donators, roles given for active people, special VIP roles for helpers! Access to an exclusive VIP giveaway channel for those that earn these roles.
➢ Music bot ready for your entertainment needs!
➢ Anime chat for all the anime fans
➢ RuneScape Gaming Services: rs3/07 questers for hire, Boss Leeching, rs3<->osrs swapping channel.
➢ Advertisement channels for server owners,