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About Black Clover: New Kingdom

Welcome to Black Clover: Rise of the Dragons! This is an AU Black Clover server, which means we do things a little different. There are no canon characters or Magic Knight Squads, instead we prefer to create our own custom Knight Squads and have adventures, arcs and missions with them. So far we have three squads, but more will be added as the server grows. Come and join the strong but fractured Clover Kingdom as it is facing both internal and external problems. The Wizard King is trying his hardest to bring justice and equality for all, but there are those more interested in keeping the status quo. All while a dark and overwhelming force is slowly mustering its power to strike all kingdoms. Seven Heralds are ready to bright forth death and ruination upon everyone!
Come and join to fight and protect the Clover Kingdom together with the Fifth Wizard King! Or maybe be a villainous mage more interested in their own self-interest. No matter which side you do you can have fun here!