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About Heavenward Island

Welcome to Heavenward Island, home of high tech Heavenward City, and a home to hundreds of different species and races, from your typical humans, to elves, dwarves, lizardmen, vampires, demons and even spirits. Essentially it is an island city for every fantasy species, but takes place in a modern setting. Magic and technology live side by side, so if you don’t care or like magic you can use tech or vice versa. This server is for casual RP with some combat on the side lines, so magic isn’t meant to be super destructive. Politics and intrigue will be a thing here. As races that historically, or canonly, do not like each other suddenly finding themselves living side by side. While some groups could conspire to take control over this island and of its high tech and powerful magic. However, there is more to Heavenward that meets the eye. For within the shadows evil forces are moving that would like to see the island, and with it the world, conquered by the Dark Ones.
So, come