The Fur Fluffs🐾(Furry Community)
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  • Members: 505
  • Category: NSFW
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About The Fur Fluffs🐾(Furry Community)

A Furry Fandom, everyone is accepted here.
Everything included in this server.
🐺-100+ Amazing and Friendly Members 🐾
🦊-Furry NSFW (NSFWFurry Role) 🐾
🐺-Yiff 🐾
🦊-Self Assignable Roles 🐾
🦊-Gaming 🐾
🐺-Furry Memes 🐾
🦊-Memes 🐾
🐺-Venting Chat 🐾
🦊-Roleplay 🐾
🐺-Custom Emjois 🐾
🦊-Furry Art 🐾
🐺-Commissions (Ask a Furry Artist In The Server) 🐾
🦊-Custom Name Color🌈🐾(Because you deserve it.)
🐺-And More! :3 🐾