Legion Of The LooseCannon
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This server is looking to partner with other servers. Contact the owner for more information.

About Legion Of The LooseCannon

JOIN NOW SOLDIER. This is a chill server that has Real Australian Army Ranks as roles. We offer lots of things. My only condition with server advertising is that, should any server invite be posted in my server I have the right to advertise in your server and if you advertise once I advertise once but if you advertise twice I advertise twice. Here is what we offer;
Gaming Channels
Heaps Of Available Army Ranks
World Of Magic Provided By Hecate
Twitch Advertising
Hobby Talk
To join this program you MUST be a partner
This is what the Legion/League Of Owners Program has to offer;
-Increase in members in your server
-promotion in rank for this server only
-there will be roles common among all servers in this program you will have the same role in all of these servers, these roles are in order from lowest to highest, Minor Owner, Certified Owner, Major Owner, Trusted Owner And Admin Owner.
-as your role increases in