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About Windreach

Bullhorn keep, gem of the Alferndel. The home to the lost…

❝Most towns succumbed to the war, many blundered and pillaged. Windreach was not one. The small town was built around an enormous keep built by the queens ex spymaster. The keep was almost completely self reliant using the town to export and import goods into its walls.

Bullhorn keep itself is a refugee those seeking to escape rouge mages, the war, and anything from their past may come here. The duchess isn't picky as long as you are not a threat. Windreach was made for those who have no home to forge one. Come and rest weary traveler. Stay for a while.❞

In this role play you can find..

⧫ Helpful and supportive staff ❢

⧫ Lots of events and plots to become involved in ❢

⧫ Unique stat, combat, leveling, and magic system ❢

⧫ Partnerships ❢

⧫ Limitless character customization ❢

Welcome to the keep ❢