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About Umbra

**Umbra is a server where all are welcome.**

+ We are a community made up of members that support each other when going through hard times.

+ We talk, type, play games, and learn about all sorts of different topics. We have a vast collection of books that cover a wide variety of topics.

+ There is no judgement. There is no hostility. There is simply being here, within Umbra, to better understand ourselves and the world around us we inhabit. :blue_heart:

+ We like to host events such as art competitions, a question of the week, getting together and listening to music, sharing books we've found useful, and more.

+ I want you to feel comfortable here. Each of us is fighting a battle. None of us are perfect. In a way, you can think of Umbra as being a sanctuary that everyone is able to find their place within. If you're struggling with an issue, we'll do our best to listen and help. <3